Our Purpose

All for one

Transformation Calgary exists to find new sources of capital and operational funding for cultural and recreational facilities in Calgary.

In the two years since Transformation Calgary was formed, our city’s deficit for cultural and recreational projects has continued to grow. By our estimates, Calgary needs $2.5 billion just to catch up.

Among the unfunded projects are: the National Music Centre, the Central Library, Calgary TELUS Convention Centre, the Epcor Centre for the Performing Art, the Glenbow Museum, Foothills Athletic Park and Glenmore Athletic Park.

As our economy improves, jobs will not be enough to attract people to our city. Cultural and recreational assets are critical to attracting and retaining today’s workers. In October 2012, the
Bank of Montreal Hiring Outlook Report found: “Alberta businesses are the most likely to say it’s difficult to attract talented employees (63 per cent). Businesses on the Prairies and in Alberta are most likely to say retaining employees is the most difficult challenge (51 per cent).”

Culture and recreation are essential to our city’s quality of life and its ability to attract and retain citizens. They decrease crime; strengthen competitiveness; and build our economy. As well, they build skills in creative thinking, decision-making and problem-solving.

Recreation and active living also significantly reduce the risk of many diseases, including coronary heart disease and stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes, and cancers in the colon, breast and lungs.

Transformation Calgary is proposing a bold and innovation solution to keep our city vibrant and competitive: the community investment option. This modest 1% tax would be in effect for just four years and would raise more than $200 million a year.